About ME


My Background

Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed taking photos. As an adult this turned into a wonderful hobby. I soon started volunteering for several large events (WIFT-T Bravo Fact Awards, TAWC Nell Shipman Awards, ACTRA Diversity TIFF event, Baptisms, Anniversary celebrations, etc.)  and eventually decided to circle back to formal studies. My experience and education has allowed me to hone in on the areas of photography I am most passionate about. 

Capturing Memories

My passion is people. I love capturing those special moments that become treasured memories. Whether it is a family portrait, the scoring goal, or a first birthday - I love putting my lens to work!

My Promise

At Vanessa Burns Photography I bring my experience and passion to every shoot to create a fun, comfortable environment. It is my goal to provide you with high quality images that you will be proud to share and print!